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Fellow members of the CS group


Our collective agreement expired. The CS bargaining team continues the preparation of its proposals for the renewal of the next agreement. Work is progressing and we expect to complete the proposals workbook in January 2015. The team, the CS Group Executive and the Institute deploy the resources needed to produce proposals that will meet the priorities of all members.

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CS Bargaining - CS Byte #7

Dear CS Group members

The summer is already behind us and in spite of our summer vacations; the CS group has been extremely occupied in the course of last few months. The CS Negotiation Preparation Committee composed of the Bargaining Team and the members of the CS National Executive met this last July. The Committee started writing the proposals package for our next collective agreement. These proposals are in line with the negotiation goals established by the Institute and the CS group and reflect the interests of all members of the Group, the Institute and the public service in general.

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CS Bargaining - CS Byte #6

Dear CS Group members and delegates to the 2014 CS Group AGM,

I n October 2013, I enthusiastically accepted the position as your next Bargaining Officer. Since that time, the CS Group has been actively engaged in preparing the next round of bargaining. As I indicated to you in my previous reports, PIPSC gave a kick-start to negotiations by holding a conference in January. During that conference, the Group Presidents committed to working closely together. The CS Group then surveyed its membership. The survey results were reviewed by the Group Executive and the Contract Proposal Committee at meetings held on April 15 and 16. During these two days of brainstorming, participants revised the major demands from the last round and prioritized the demands for this round. The ultimate goal of these exercises was to prepare the next list of demands, which will be presented to the Treasury Board Secretariat once the notice to bargain has been submitted by either side.

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Bargaining Team meeting 20140712

BargTeamThe CS Group bargaining team will be meeting this Saturday, to continue working on our demands and on our strategy. Our collective agreement does not end until December 2014, and we are planning a rough round of negotiation with Treasury Board. We will need the contribution of all members, to make some gain, and not lose too much. Luckily we have the full support of the Institute and all 16 other bargaining agents who have signed the common front agreement.


CS Bargaining - CS Byte #5

Fellow Members of the CS group 

In December 2013, the Executive sought volunteers for the CS Contract Proposals Committee. A Committee of 32 was chosen. On April 15 & 16, the committee met to draft the CS proposals for the upcoming 2014 round of negotiations. The proposals are based on the results of the CS survey done earlier this year, as well as emails received from members and discussions of the CS Executive. When the wording is finalized, a list of proposals will be selected and prioritized by the CS Group Executive. 

The CS Contract Proposals Committee was composed of the CS Group Executive and Karim Chaggani (SSC), Dean Corda (EDSC), Emanuel de Matos (SSC), Stephen Dillon (SSC), Renaud Guiard (PWGSC), Marcel Journeay (DND), Simon Lennark (EC), Glenn Maxwell (DND), Scott McConaghy (NRCAN), Patrick Provost (CIT-IMM), Greg Scriver (SSC), Yvonne Snaddon (EDSC), Elena Taranu (EDSC), Marc Therrien (HERITAGE) and Joanne Ward (DND). Thank you to all who put their names forward for this initiative. 

The Federal Government introduced changes to the way in which bargaining is carried out, with the introduction of Bill C-4. Now the choice of whether to follow the mediation-arbitration or the conciliation-strike route is no longer the union's decision. It will be based on the percentage of positions declared essential by the Employer. 

Last round, the Government put an end to Severance Pay. For this round, the Government has already announced its intention to reform Sick Leave Provisions. The CS Group has committed to work closely together with other PIPSC Groups. With this commitment, the Group Presidents have clearly demonstrated their solidarity and willingness to work together. 

In the next couple of weeks, the CS Group Executive will appoint the CS Bargaining Team. The Bargaining Team will continue to work on the proposals and finalize them in order to be ready to bargain. 

The Group is expecting to receive the notice to bargain from the Treasury Board Secretariat early this fall. Following the notice, the CS Group and Treasury Board will table their proposals. The details of the CS Group proposals and Treasury Board proposals will be made public immediately after we have met. 

In Solidarity,
Robert Tellier
Bargaining Officer 


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