National Organization Committee

The role of the National Organization Committee (NOC) is to plan, organize and implement public activities at the national level until the time a strike mandate has been obtained from the members and the President has called a strike. At such time, the NOC will be replaced by the National Strike Committee (NSC) co-chaired by the Strike Officer and the Chair of the NOC, and members of the NOC will become members of the NSC.

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Regional Organization Committee

The Group may also create Regional Organization Committee(s) (ROC). The characteristics of the Group, such as distribution by region, department, work site and function, are factors which will help determine the number and location of ROCs. The role of the ROC is to plan, organize and conduct regional and local activities with the help of sub-groups. The ROC must also maintain communication with regional membership and encourage maximum support from members within the shortest time possible.

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