Shared Services Canada Outsourcing Announcement

Last week, Shared Services Canada announced that they had awarded a massive contract to Bell Canada and CGI for the amalgamation and continued support of federal government e-mail systems and services.

Friday, the Institute denounced the move to outsource a service that could easily be managed by our members. It is more than clear that this is further evidence that the current government’s goal is not only the reduction in the size of the federal public service but to promote an agenda that seemingly supports corporate interests regardless of the cost.

The Group has always supported the principle that CS work belongs to CS members in all departments and agencies. We provide cost effective, secure support unmotivated by profit. We serve the interests of Canadians day in and day out with professionalism and dedication. We are at the core of the success of government and service delivery to the public.

We will continue to fight against any further move of IT service and function to the private sector. But we will need all our members to stand together to keep our work and to inform Canadians that it is in their interest that we do.

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