2013-04-26 CS Executive Meeting

Minutes of the CS Group Executive regular meeting,Friday April 26, 2013, at the Delta Hotel Vancouver


Stan Buday, Guy Abel, Ron Hugh, Stéphane Aubry, Pierre Touchette, Robert Tellier, Debbie Butler, Lucille Shears, Marc Sabourin, Deborah Wainwright, Marcel Journeay

In attendance:

André Lortie, Dean Corda, Debbie Daviau, Miguel Leblanc, William Morton


Darell Green

The president called the meeting to order at 9:00a.m.

Topics Actions
1. Opening
a. President of the CS Group opened up the meeting.



2. Agenda
a. M/S: R. Tellier/M. Journey
That the agenda be approved as modified, Carried


3. Review and Approval of Previous Minutes
a. Minutes of the CS Exec, March 15, 2013
M/S: P. Touchette /M. Journeay
Motion to accept the minutes. Carried.


4. Review of the Officer Reports.
a. S. Buday – Wrote the Institute/AC addressing the problems, prejudices and our dissatififaction caused by the recent policy changes related to the management of PIPSC expenses.
- Guy Abel asked that ideas be sent to him to forward to the board. Finance will now be added to the agenda as a separate item with the Bylaw officer being the responsible party. -
b. S. Aubry presented his report. He has had many questions on various
social media regarding sick leave and the collective agreement books.
- Discussed the license schema for the development of the cartoons that S. Aubry created. The cartoons were shown at the break.
- R. Tellier suggested that in future, content of such cartoons should be discussed with the CS exec and communications committee prior to posting.
- Motion to renew the license for Go Animate for 1 year. M/S G. Abel, S. Aubry, carried.

c. Treasurer
D. Butler provided a copy of the report
- Discussed the criteria for special requests for carry over funding.

d. Bargaining
- G. Abel suggested (based on CLC conference) a pre bargaining meeting with stewards to find out what is required for the next round. This would involve ½ day training on member engagement along with communication training with the AFS group to save money. Time to prepare for August 2014 so a business case needs to be presented to PIPSC now.
- Lorte further explained the benefits of Guy’s suggestions.
- D. Daveau reiterated the CLC mantra of there is no better way to engage members then face-to-face and now is the time to present our case.
- S. Buday suggested we poll members via lunch and learns and the negotiation route. G. Abel suggested a survey to poll members should occur in 8 months.
- Motion to accept the Post Bargaining Report. M/S: G. Abel/R. Tellier, carried.
- A. Lorte sent a letter to TB implying the Employer has not respected their own wording by not yet sending out the CA booklets, further stating that if a response does not arrive then we should go the formal grievance route.
- Questions regarding how the CAs are to be distributed ensued and R. Tellier suggested that communication among the group take place prior to posting campaigns.
- G. Abel closed the session to discuss the negotiator for our next round. Due to concerns that there may be a change in negotiators during the middle of the next round.

e. NOC/ROC & Mobilization
- S. Aubry spoke about the role of the NOC for the next round andalked us throught the NOC report created from the last NOC/ROC meeting. Frequency of teleconference calls and inclusion of Sub-groups involvement were discussed around the table.
- D. Butler suggested the SG President be responsible for maintaining the personal contact info.
f. Sub-group Officer
- P. Touchette informed us of Sub-group finance allocation pdf on google.docs further advising us to look of the SG Pres agenda for final thoughts.
- R. Tellier will do a follow up on a possible creation of the Eastern Township Sub-group.

R. Tellier
g. Steward Officer
- L. Shears Closed session for a steward renewal application.
- Prepare a response for new steward application appointment.
- She is currently working on a presentation that indicates where stewards are geographically located, down to the street level.
h. Membership Officer
- R. Huge questioned severance pay for retired members before the new agreement was signed.
- D. Butler raised some issue related to the usage of Blackberry an the Groupwise email servier at PIPSC; as in lost emails and duplicate messages.
i. Sub-group President meeting
- P. Tuchette, S. Buday and S. Aubry completed the tasks for the Sub-group presidents meeting.

j. Consultation
- D. Wainwright had nothing to report since the last meeting.
- D. Wainwright will forward the CBSA JD to the Classification officer.

D. Wainwright
k. SSC-CPC Liason Officer
- SSC engaged discussion with the institute for the distribution of the ORO work descriptions.
- G. Abel spoke about employees not yet receiving their serance information.
- Reclassification from agencies resulted in some members going down a level. PIPSC is grieving and trying to fix this issue.


l. Classification
- M. Sabourin - Report to be submitted at the next meeting.
m. Communication Officer
- R. Tellier informed us that suggestions for the next news letter need to be submitted NLT 27 July.
- Motion that the president report will come from the current president. Carried.
- CS Logo discussion about others altering it.

n. PIPSC Finance Committee Report
- G. Abel updated us on the last meeting informing us that the Family Life Balance changes have decreased. We need to look at ways to reduce expenses and Guy asked that we send ideas to him to forward to the finance committee.
- We need to work closely wuith the PIPSC bylaw change committee.

Miscellaneous / New Business
a. CS Group elections
- M. Sabourin informed us CS Group election is ongoing and the timelines were discussed.
- Group agreed to review the regulations on elections
- Motion to move the election length from 3 weeks to 5 weeks. M/S: P. Touchet/D. Butler

b. TB Follow up on Essential Services
- D. Corda suggested we send and invitationto TB to continue discussion on Essential Services. A. Lorte advised us that it is best that the invite come from PIPSC rather than the group but cautioned us not to push.

Round Table
- S. Aubry spoke about the ballot destruction and his concern about the motion that was passed. More caution is required for next time.
- L. Shears will attend the A/C meeting; she will be in that area anyways due to her Dept taskings.

- R. Tellier suggested a By-law Review Committee should be selected now. A committee was formed and includes: L. Shears, S. Aubry, D. Butler, R. Tellier & P. Touchette.
- R. Tellier informed the group that for the PIPSC AGM, bylaws have to be provided before August.
- An inventory of our items needs to be conducted. D. Butler
- S. Buday suggested the CS group should nominate someone for the Martine Leveille award. The membership officer will inform the delegates at the Sub-group president’s meeting.
- Closed session to discuss the creation and desolution of some sub-groups and the issue of the membership of sub-groups.

Next meeting dates and activities
a. April 27, 2013, Vancouver, CS Sub-Groups president meeting
b. May 22-24, Ottawa, Association of Public Sector Information Professionals (DPI)
c. June 8, Ottawa, CS exec meeting
d. August 23, Ottawa, CS exec meeting
e. August 24, Ottawa, CS Group AGM
f. October 7-10, Ottawa, GTEC

Minutes as recorded by Deborah Wainwright, CS Group Secretary

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