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Tentative Agreement presentation

Find attached the presentation on the Tentative agreement, as it was given by members of the CS Group Executive around the country.

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Bargaining Update #28: Ratification Vote

The ratification kit is ready. It will be released in the first week of October, at the same time as the ratification vote. Members will have around 5 weeks to register their vote. The ratification results will be published in mid-November.

If the tentative agreement is ratified, the new collective agreement will take effect the date of signing, anticipated to be in the first half of December, and the employer will have a period of 120 days to implement the new rates of pay. Departmental Human Resources will be in touch with you with information regarding severance within 3 months and employees have to select a payment option within 6 months.

If the tentative agreement is rejected, the CS group bargaining team will return to the negotiations table with a renewed mandate, in order to get a better deal.

Bargaining Update #28: Severance Pay

One of the major points in the CS Group tentative agreement with Treasury Board is the elimination of sever-ance pay for voluntary departures (resignation and retirement). Explanations were given in the previous bar-gaining updates (#26 and #27). Those updates are still available on the CS Group web site,

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Memorandum of Agreement on the recognition of service in the Canadian Forces for vacation leave credits

On August 30th, the Institute and the Treasury Board have signed a Memorandum of Agreement. Members of all our Treasury Board groups have now access to any additional vacation credits related to any former service in the Canadian Forces for a continuous period of six (6) months or more, either as a member of the Regular Force or the Reserve Force while on Class B or C service. This entitlement is retroactive April 1st, 2012.

Message from the CS Group President, Luc Carrière

Fellow members,

Many of you have contacted us inquiring about the ratification of the tentative agreement. Our bargaining officer, with the help of the bargaining team and the CS Group executive, just finalized the voting kits. These kits will be sent out during the first week of October. The ratification vote will start at that time. The CS members in good standing will have five (5) weeks to vote. Results will be posted on PIPSC and CS Group websites around mid-November. If a majority of CS members vote in favour of the agreement, the Employer will implement the new contract within 120 days from the date of signature. If the tentative agreement is rejected, bargaining will continue in an attempt to reach a better deal.

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